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The roots of Dosso Dossi Holding, which is in service at five different sectors at the present time, are based on the Dosso Dossi Fashion Show implemented by completely a new perspective and business sense. Dosso Dossi Fashion Show with its ten-year experience filled with success and proceeds, is a giant organization which combines holidays with work and brings together thousands of customers with hundreds of brands. Dosso Dossi Holding's unique sense of business concretized by Fashion Show, is reflecting on the other activities of the Holding in different sectors. Dosso Dossi Holding is reputably taking the lead by providing high added value in every sector which signs its name with an innovator sense of business.

Dosso Dossi Holding


Dosso Dossi Hotels, as the reflections of a totally new sense of the concept "customer satisfaction" brought by Dosso Dossi at the accommodation sector, are taking firm steps forward in the manner of being world's leading brand. The project of luxurious houses and residence at the heart of Istanbul is a proof that Dosso Dossi Holding with its selected target group, has succeeded in creating differences with the assertive and innovative sense, in whatever the sector is. As a pacesetter with Sultan Nourishment in Romania, Dosso Dossi Holding's aim is to crown its success with a leadership in Europe and the Middle East. Much as they seem different from each other, all of the works are coming together at one point: innovative and leading ventures.